Saturday, May 24, 2008

Canon 200mm f2.8L

The Canon 200mm f2.8L is very nice! It focuses very quickly, and silently.

I placed it side by side with my Borg 45ED II (with JMI NGF-S), and the Canon is smaller!

And I also placed it side by side with my Tele Vue Ranger, the Canon is bigger in aperture but it's smaller in size!

As I checked before the purchase, this lens should be able to use wide open for star field imaging, so what else can we ask for? It can also be used for daily usage.

Even with the Kenko 2x Teleplus, it's still smaller than both of the Borg and the Tele Vue. This will be my choice for the solar eclipse and I shall try out this combination on the sun with a white light filter, as well as on the moon to test its performance.

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Tuguldur said...

congrats on your new rigs man! 450D should be an awesome performer on both astro and terrestrial works.

200mm f/2.8 is also in my wishlist, but looks like it will take a lot time for me since I already bought a new car... so the car lease payment will never allow me to collect some dollars.. haha :D

keep the good work up man, I will also be in my country for the eclipse.