Thursday, May 29, 2008

Canon EOS Utility

I found that the EOS Solution CD will not install EOS utility in my desktop PC. I browse around the CD and I found that EOS Utility is actually there, but the installation software just does not show it up in the list of options.

Then, I checked the same CD from another machine, and then some more softwares show up including the EOS utility. I guess it's due to the difference in versions.

As the manual suggested, I guess it needs SP2. Local Canon technical support suggested me to install CDROM:\SOFTWARE\DOTNET\COMMON before the installation takes place, but it still won't work. However, it does work correctly on Windows XP SP2.

Anyway, since my notebook does have SP2 installed. I found that the camera will not work with USB1, originally I think it will just be slower, but I was wrong, it won't even work.

After the installation, I immediately tried out the software. Yes, it's fantastic! It even works with Live View! The delay is very acceptable, and with the bigger screen of my notebook, focusing is even easier! Also, it comes with interval shoting function, also you can use BULB mode as well. That's a great news to astrophotographers! Finally, the images can be downloaded directly into the notebook, that saves the need of a big SD card!

So in summary, I won't need to buy a timer remote, I won't need to buy several SD cards. But instead, I will be buying a small USB powered hard drive.

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