Thursday, January 03, 2008

Mars opposition

Got no Mars image for this Mars opposition, since the Mars is out of sight from inside my home this time.

I got a chance to walk to a nearby playground to try tonight, this is exactly the setup which I tried last night at home.

First of all, G106 + TG-SP II cannot support a C5 well enough. At prime focus, i.e. 1250mm, the image of the Mars shaked and will not settle down after 2-3 seconds, that include focusing. And it becomes very sensitive to balance as well, the slow motion control knobs simply will not react if it's not well balanced, another sign of overloading. I need more than the bundled counter weight for the C5 with webcam + barlows, I used the battery pack for this purpose.

Secondly, the setup is too low on the ground, it would be better if I could take a star diagonal. Finally, a Rigel Quick Finder will be better as well.

Everything took 10 minutes to setup, so many wires and things to connect.

Lastly, I only managed to capture a single short clip at prime focus. Really not enough patience for this setup to do higher magnifications. I've brought a 5x BTW... grin...

Finally, here's what I got:

yes, just an exposed shot... it only proves that I pointed to something non-steller, a total failure.

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