Friday, January 04, 2008

Orion Catalog

I was told in Cloudynights that one of my solar shots appeared in the catalog of Orion, however, since they have stopped international shipping for quite many years (I bought my Ranger from them), they won't send catalog to Hong Kong as well.

One of the great buddies from Cloudyights, Erika (Erix) offered to send me one for free, and that's really a great present to me. :-)


BTW, no one ever told me about using my image in that catalog. I guess it's one of those which I've submited to Coronado's website year before. I guess they should have sent me a copy of the catalog, it's a pity that I'm left uninformed.

Funny is that, around one or two weeks ago, I saw some of my images from the calendar cards distributed by HKAS... I was awared also after I received a copy.

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