Wednesday, January 09, 2008

DSLR choice revisited

It's getting funny again. My friend told me that we could have very cheap service and source for Baader replacement filter for Canon 350D, so everything added together will be just around HKD 5xxx, that means a new Canon 350D, plus a kit lens, and modified with Baader filter! But I checked that the new sharper IS kits lens is not available with the Canon 350D.

What's so interesting is that, with the Baader replacement filter, we can actually take daily shots with custom white balance, autofocus is still functional as well.

Frankly, comparing to live-view, the H-alpha capability is definitely more important, and the noise level of a 350D should be better as well, thus making it fundamentally more suitable for deep sky imaging, or H-alpha solar shots. Live-view is something for convenience, and given enough patience, it's not a hindrance.

A side note is that, I really think that it takes time to learn and get use to a camera before one can really use it. I got such a strong feeling after the last two Mars session - I even found a hard time to center Mars enough to be captured by my DBK... So, I think that I shall get more time to use it first.

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