Saturday, January 12, 2008

20080112 Sun

Seeing was no good, just something like 3/10, transparency could be pretty high when the cloud was away, like 6/10, but there were quite much cloud around.

AR980 still there, and the active region with reversed polarity (i.e. sign of the new cycle) could be seen as well, near the equatorial region.

1318 (GMT+8), surface detail exposure, so much cloud at that moment so not really got time to tune the Tmax to the best:-

1318 (GMT+8), prominence shot, not too much to see:-

1321 (GMT+8), the active region near the middle of the solar disc, 3x barlows added:-

1322 (GMT+8), AR980:-

1324 (GMT+8), another AR980:-

1327 (GMT+8), close up of that prominence, 3x barlows:-

All taken with Borg 45ED II, SM40/BF10.

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