Sunday, January 27, 2008

Cloudy day task: soldering the L298 motor driver

It has been cloudy, so there's no solar observation (also any other forms of observations) for this weekend. Instead, I began my soldering work for the autoguiding project.

I ordered the Compact L298 motor driver kit from Solarbotics but got no time to really solder all those components together. This kit allows you to control the two motors by using relay signals, since it's TTL compatible and so it accepts ST4 compatible autoguiding signal as well.

The soldering process is quite easy, despite the small PCB, you still got a lot of rooms. You can see from the following photographs that I ain't a skilled people in this regard, but I managed to get it done fairly quickly, like within an hour.

You can see from below that I am never a skilled guy in soldering.

I tested the finished kit with my elder daughter Alby and she's really happy with it. It got four LEDs to indicate the status, and we also hooked up a tiny DC geared motor to show the direction of the current flow.

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