Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Printing solar photographs

I had a big solar mosaic done early 2007, and yesterday I've some photographs to be printed, so I took them all to a shop downstair to have them printed.

The shop told me that since the size is weired (17xx * 17xx), and the image is too close to the boundary, part of it might get cropped.... Oh right... as a sort of tech guy, I thought it was easy to add black space around the image and then to have it printed without cropping, but then the guy's response should not be unexpected... he said, yes it's possible but it should not be $0.9 HKD including printing! For me, it's so easy, actually for him, it should be easy as well, but then they're doing business, if everyone did like me, they will spend far more time. But soon he added, okay, this time I do it for you. :-)

The outcome is fairly nice, I seldom have my astronomical photographs printed on paper, I mean printed by shops, even if I printed them, I did it at home by myself, usually by ink-jet paper and sometimes photo paper.

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