Sunday, May 27, 2007

20070527 Lunar Again!

This time I used my Borg 45ED II, a 0.5x binoviewer corrector which means f/5.9 effective focal ratio, ToUCam Pro for color imaging of the full disc moon.

Exposure time is 1/500s, zero gain, and you can see, part of the lunar disc is overexposed, color saturation is stretched to try to show the color of the lunar soil at different locations. That's why I used my color ToUCam Pro again. Taken at 2232 (GMT+8 i.e. HKT), around 1000 frames stacked.

Taken at 2235 (HKT), this one has shutter at 1/1000s and low to medium gain, to avoid overexposure like the above, but this one is actually underexposed, only ~600 frames are stacked for this one. The color is very much different from the above after processing, so I wonder what's the objective way to play this color pushing game.

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