Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Meade DSX mount arrived

I got the mount which I just bidded from ebay, it's double boxed, and it great shape. This is a brand new mount and it's a new model I can say. It comes with a very nice cradle which is far more elegant to be re-used for other OTA.

The battery compartment is a better fit, and I can see a calculator style lithium battery inside, maybe it can keep the time by itself? But if the Autostar 497 can get it or not? I don't know. Got to check out from the web.

The fit and finish of this mount is obviously better than the old Meade DS/DSX mounts which I owned.

Should give it a test tonight.

Post-testing remarks:

1. the mount works!

2. the autostar will fetch time and date from the DSX mount, the battery is really for time keeping, great improvement!


Also tried the PST etalon with my Ranger, it won't focus without a 2.5x at the nosepiece of my mirror diagonal, and thus should be similar with a BF10.

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