Sunday, May 06, 2007

PST etalon module has a good home

Adapters delivered. This time, I said delivered since the very helpful local folk even take it to my home for me. It's again very well made.

1.25" interface gas enough room for the PST etalon for both sides.

My Borg 45ED II does not have enough focus travel to eat up the length by this whole chain of stuff, but adding a 2.5x corrector at the nosepiece of the BF10 will do the job fairly nicely.

The sky is foggy, and thus I couldn't really tune the PST etalon to a fine position.

The next step is again to put the etalon module back to the PST, tune it and place it to the adapters here. And to try out with various ERF.

The big red aerial filter is passed to my friend to make a plate to lock it on the C5 objective, once it's done, a very powerful solar gun will be ready!

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