Thursday, May 31, 2007

20070531 Jupiter

Just woke up and saw Jupiter outside, while pretty low already but that's already what I could do, for I guess I couldn't take it 10 degree earlier due to indoor constraint.

Took a few clips at 1/15s and 1/30s with different gains, I need to try out different exposure to get a taste of Jupiter since it's my first time to do Jupiter with my C5 and DMK. The last few clips are done with ROI feature of my DMK to save disk space (Registax limit too) and to make it faster when processing, still 30 fps. Seeing was terrible at 2/10 and transparent was great (8/10) despite cloud is moving around rapidly. Equipment used was C5 with 2x barlows, DMK 31AF03.

0404 (GMT+8), 1/30s, low to medium gain, overexposed, seeing 1-2/10.

0408 (GMT+8), 1/30s, low gain, best exposure control within this batch, seeing 3/10.

0410 (GMT+8), similar as above, 120% enlarged.

0413 (GMT+8): this one is overexposed, but it's the longest clip I got, 1/30s, medium gain, nearly 2000 frames stacked at 30 fps with ROI

0415 (GMT+8), 1/15s, low gain, overexposed, seeing 3/10.

0416 (GMT+8), 15s, low gain, overexposed, seeing 2-3/10.

Personally, I love the 0408 shot most among this batch, I shall try again when the Jupiter is higher in the sky.

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