Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Telescope dealers in Hong Kong

Amateur astronomy is not very popular in Hong Kong, partially due to the light pollution and the air pollution, however, I would say it's more related the lifestyle. With such a small demand on astronomical equipments, it's pretty hard to find out where can we buy the stuff that we wanted. After fooling around for more than ten years, here's a list that I collected:

1. Sun Sing Scientific Co. (Celestron dealer) 日昇儀器
- Telephone: 2320-9770
- Mobile: 9361-3351 (Mr. Kwan Yiu Ping - 關耀平先生)
- Website:
- Address: 新浦崗景福街新時代工貿中心 2110 室 (Room 2110, New Trend Centre, San Po Kong, Kowloon)

He's actually an amateur astronomer himself since many years ago, however, he said that now he has no time to play any more, but he's still willing to serve fellow astronomers. He's basically a Celestron dealer, he was selling Takahashi and some other brands before, but now you can probably only buy Celestron from him as well as some mainland China imports.

I bought my C90 from him, a couple of accessories and later my C8, and some binoculars, too. He's a nice guy actually, but be sure to call before you visit, he could be rather hard to find sometimes.

2. Grand Eyes Optical (Meade dealer) 巨眼天文儀器
- Mobile: 9013-0450 (Mr. Chung Kwok Yan Antony - 鍾國欣先生)
- Fax: 29758087
- email:
- Website:
- Address: 17/F, Flat 5, Hang Sing Mansion, 48-78 High Street, Sai Ying Poon, Hong Kong.

The Meade dealer here, you can also buy Japanese stuff from him. He's selling some Taiwan and mainland China import, too. The above address is actually his home, so be sure to call before you visit. He was a very active astronomer, he's still in the game, but not as active as before as I was told.

3. Tat's Telescope Company (Vixen Dealer)
- Mobile: 9218-2440 (Mr. Ng Lun Tat - 伍倫達先生)
- Fax: 29758087
- email:
- Website:
- Address: P.O. Box 1228, Yuen Long Post Office

The Vixen dealer, you may also buy Japanese stuff from him but Vixen should probably the only brand which he will keep stock. He's a very nice guy, still a very active amateur astronomer.
He can also custom machine adapters.

4. Risheng & Brother Company
- Mobile: 9636-5986 (Mr. K.K. Chiu)
- email:

He's the Coronado dealer (also Canon), and he will also sell brands from USA, Germany or Japan, for telescope any size, camera, webcam, etc.

5. Tan14

He's not a dealer actually, but he's willing to order Japanese stuff for you and as you can see from his website, he keeps quite a lot of stock in particular Takahashi refractors. He is now *the* Japanese source for many local amateur astronomers, he can offer really good price and nice service. More like a friend than a dealer. He's also an active amateur astronomer.

Other than that, he can also make virtually any adapters for you, at very moderate price but the quality is extremely good. Highly recommended.


Santo said...

Hello Mr. Oldfield,
i am in HK but tried to email Tan14 without sucess.

Can you share/send a contact?(adress/phone)

Tks very much,
Amateur astronomer - Portugal

Oldfield said...


He usually replies within one or two days, so please be patient. He's not running a shop but he's more like helping the local community and thus he has no business phone, sorry.


Biswajit Bose said...

Can you tell me Tan14's address... my friend is travelling from India to HK next week for few days...I will then send my Canon 1100D for modification...

Oldfield So said...

The address is on his page, the top banner.

Unknown said...

I ordered Eyepiece Adapter on , He is very lazy in replying, After I transferred Payment to him via paypal, he is now not replying. I tried to call him several times (internations calls which costed me lot) but unable to talk to him as he was not speaking english. I surely wont recommend him , better to contact someone who have some sort of office and good in replies to customers.