Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Tuning the PST etalon module

I re-assemble the PST, and today, I got a chance to test it under the sun.

I got very short time for the job and the sun was not in good place, so mount couldn't be used and I've to hand held it.

After tuning, I found the filaments and several detail and I know I got it. After taking out the PST-BF5 from the visual back and placing it back in, and after taking the etalon module out and placing it back, everything still works. It's great.

I put the plastic hand grip back, and locate the tuner half way between the optimal, so I could adjust around the optimal, very nice.

AR953 is now in the mid-way of the disc, a large filament can be seen around it.

Since my PST is heavily rusted, no prominence can be seen (since it's much dimmer), and I noticed a very strong orange cast in the image.... funny is that, I used to think H-alpha image is in red, but this time, it's obviously in orange, I found a deep red image in my SM40/BF10.

Why is that?


I've also partially disassembled my NGF-S of my Borg 45ED II, to remove some dust and to fine tune a bearing on the focusing shaft, hopefully, it could improve.

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