Thursday, February 02, 2012

Sun related special events in 2012

1. 日環食

日出: 5:41am
食甚: 6:06am (5-6 degrees above horizon)
復圓: 7:16am (20 degrees above horizon)

Chance is very slim, anyway, worth to have a look, even consider it as a deep partial eclipse.


1st contact: 6:12am
2nd contact:  6:30am
3rd contact: 12:31 noon
4th contact: 12:49 noon

Chance is much better given the sun is higher in the sky and the longer duration.

昨天訂了一塊 A4 size 的 Baader Solar Film (density 3.8), 希望再一次拍攝太陽而不用受那塊十幾歲的 Thousands Oaks 折磨!

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