Wednesday, February 08, 2012

High Power Observation or Photography

This is my new high power weapon:

With 1500mm native focal length, it's going to replace my Ranger with 5x Powermate (2400mm effective focal length).  The first thing that I will need to do is to test this Maksutov on the stars at high power to see if it works well at high magnification.  With this scope, I can always use my 13mm Nagler to yield 115x which is about perfect for planet/lunar observation under normal situation.  I can also sell my 7mm Japanese Ortho together.

If sky condition allows, I can always use my 2x Tele Vue Barlows to get 230x with my Nagler.  And for imaging, it also yields f/24 which is good as well.  Using extension tube should kick the magnification a bit higher and it is do-able since this scope uses moving primary as focusing and it should accommodate the extension tube.

Once its quality on high power is confirmed good, I will then make a solar filter for it!

It's a bit longer than the C5 but still very portable, on the other hand, it's still light enough for my Mark-X.

I shall also motorize the focuser and it should be hard.  Tentatively, I will fix the motor via an extension plate from the dovetail.


Despite the poor weather, I pointed the scope at a remote building to see how it works out.

First is a shot at prime focus, despite the poor seeing (aperiodic blur could be seen on the monitor), fine detail could be resolved:-

Then, I've taken another shot at 2x, I'd say that I'm impressed by this little scope.

I didn't check the collimation but I bet it's close.  I've downloaded the instruction for collimation and I'm sure that I will try to fine tune it.

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