Friday, February 03, 2012

FS: Worm driven slow motion control block

As shown, it has four pairs of M8 threaded holes spaced by 35mm (Takahashi style) to attach your equipments. On the bottom side, it has six M6 threaded holes and a free 3/8" adapter is included for attachment to 3/8" camera tripod.


The manual slow motion control knob is included as well.

Asked for $59 USD shipped for the above, paypal.

Option one is available at $25 USD extra, it is a 5 RPM DC geared motor, you may use it as an electrical slow motion control, you can simply reverse the polarity to reverse the direction.  It's compatible with any JMI focusing motor controller, or you can DIY yourself at very low cost.


Option two is available at $30 USD extra, it's a Japan made dovetail saddle (Vixen style)

This slow motion control block could be used for taking panorama, serving as the DEC axis of any existing mount like Astrotrac, etc.  Or to be used as a simple EQ tracking platform when it's tilted up.


Andrea Carminati said...

where have you bought the worm drive? thanx
please sent me a mail at

Oldfield So said...

Sorry, it was old long ago.