Sunday, February 12, 2012

20120212 Sun

Baader 3.8 filter ready to be used and we got sunshine!  The first shot is taken with my Ranger at prime focus, with my DIY reducer.  I've to stack a blue filter with a green filter in order to be properly exposed.

Higher power imaging is why I'm going for 3.8 filter, so I pulled out my 5x Powermate to take the following shot, only a green filter is used:

They are from AR1416, exposure was 1/60s with zero gain.  I'd say Baader 3.8 is really superb for that purpose, I'd definitely want even faster exposure!  It seems like if I were doing that with my 127mm Maksutov at f/23.6, I will be getting 3000mm focal length.  That should yield faster shutter than this setup which is 2400mm focal length at f/34.3.

Encouraged, I'll see if I have chance to test the 127mm Maksutov with planets tonight, if it's proven with good quality, I'm going to make a 3.8 Baader for the Maksutov as well!

Finally, since my Canon 100-400mm f5.6L also has 77mm thread just like my Ranger, so I've moved that Baader 3.8 there to have a shot with my Canon 450D:

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