Saturday, April 11, 2009

You gonna love white light!

Okay, let's go through H-alpha first. I took two images as usual with my Borg 45ED II, Solarmax 40 with BF10:-

1334 (GMT+8):-

1335 (GMT+8):-

And after this usual image at solar minimum, I did a very strange experiment. Guess what, I replaced the Solarmax 40 with a ERF, and guess what, prominences still come out! That means the BF10 is indeed powerful and narrow enough for prominences! I didn't use my eye, I just used my camera. Take no risk, right?

1338 (GMT+8), less prominences could be shown despite to the wider bandpass:-

Then, I pulled out my Orion 100ED for some white light game with my Herschel wedge. One of the reasons that I bought this OTA is for white light imaging, I dreamed that solar maximum is coming and white light imaging will become interesting again... So, I did an experiment first. It wouldn't quite reach focus with the stocked 1.25" adapter, but I replaced it with a real low profile one and I got around 0.5cm to spare. Not bad. The view is impressive!!! No sunspot, but you could see some hint of detail across the disk!

1356 (GMT+8):-

Binoviewer couldn't reach focus, the Herschel wedge sucks up too much in-travel, and that 2.5x SCT corrector couldn't help in this case, despite it used to work with all my refractors. No, it works... I should have placed the corrector in the nosepiece of the Herschel wedge (hot!) rather than the nosepiece of the binoviewer. The view is nice! Now, I really want sunspots!

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