Saturday, April 04, 2009

20090404 Sun

We have some sunshine today but cloud is always here as well, so couldn't setup my telescope to really shoot. Therefore, this is just a handheld snapshot with my Canon 200mm f2.8 with Kenko 2x and Thousand Oaks Type 2+ Glass filter, Canon 450D:

I really wish that H-alpha could be as simple as that. It would be great if a vendor came out with a H-alpha filter which could be added in the front of a DSLR lens and then it would become point and shoot!


I came home at around 17:30 and the sun was sinking really low in the sky, but I expected that I had at least 30 minutes, and strange was that, the sun was cleared from cloud. I pulled out my Borg 45ED II and placed the filters on, but I found that my LXD55 couldn't point my Borg to the sun due to the strange angle from indoor. I pulled out my small tripod with a Unistar Light and the sun was in view! Hey, there was a big prominence in the side, and then I proceeded to do some imaging.

Since I got used to take even planet without tracking, the sun is relatively easy. Just left your target in a corner and then let the target drifts along the field of view, you could do stacking (select "expand to maximum image size" in the stack tab), and it's done!

1744 (GMT+8):-

The video clip before stacking, slow drifting does not affect the final result:-

1745 (GMT+8):-

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