Monday, April 27, 2009

20090427 Sun

Telescope: Borg 45ED II
Filter: Coronado Solarmax 40 with BF10, also PST etalon module
Mount: Meade LXD55
Camera: DMK 31AF03

Seeing: 4/10
Transparency: 2/10

First two shots were taken without the PST etalon module. The first one is taken at 1410 (GMT+8):-

Notice that the prominence shot has the internal reflection issue (upper right area) reduced, since I have sticked a (under-sized) black sticker to cover that shinny central obstruction inside the Solarmax, so I guess if I managed to find a black sticker which matches the size of the central obstruction, the internal reflection will be gone, 1411 (GMT+8):-

But I know I ain't going to use an oversized sticker since it will reduce the valuable clear aperture. Okay, finally, the last shot taken with PST etalon module, 1414 (GMT+8):-

The same shot but processed by Registx v5:-

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