Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Orion 100ED arrived!

It's arrived... to be exact, it's arrived to the post office, not my home. Sicne this is an insuranced package, it will not be sent to my home directly, I've to go to the post office to fetch it.

I have a quiz tonight... :-)

Guess whether I will go to take it today or not?

Two hours later:

Sure, I couldn't resist the temptation. My 3 years old daughter Almy is very interested:-

Hey, the objective lens is the worst case that I've ever seen!

After some careful cleaning work, it looks far better now:
I shall store the objective lens inside a cabinet and the OTA, since it's too long, would be placed some where near my mount.

It's very cloudy here, but I just tried to test it on terrestial objects. With a 2" mirror diagonal, all of my eyepieces could reach focus without problem. The views are very contrasty and sharp, free of any color.

Another minor issue is that, none of my screws work with the tube rings. I shall buy some more screws after asking the original owner.


After the quiz tonight (I scored 9 out of 10!), the original owner replied me. The rings take M6 screws which I should have some at home due to my Giro (sold), after some searching, I found some very short ones but they're no good for both of my dovetail. Then I found another unopened pack of longer M6 and they work flawlessly! Great!

My old tripod bag (left unused for long) was a good fit, the focuser will stay outside, but then it's great enough for bringing it outside. So, the whole thing is portable, despite its length.

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