Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tele Vue Ranger has a new life!

The lens is removed from the cell, and rear assembly is taken off, and I will pass the tube to a local folk for making that NGF-S adapter. After making this adapter, the NGF-S could be rotated to any angle, the NGF-S could be removed quickly so that the OTA is short enough to sneak in my Fast Pack 350, so the whole thing will become extremely portable.

The 2" capability means the lowest magnifications would be 12x giving more than 5.4 degrees true field of view! That's going to be wonderful. Feels like a lighter and smaller Pronto.

On the other hand, the motorized focusing ability is going to make it a perfect telescope for solar imaging with my Solarmax 40 and BF10. I believe that it's going to replace my Borg 45ED II. The Borg is a very nice scope, but then it's too small for most other purpose except for guiding or snapshots. However, since my longest lens is just a 200mm, no guiding would be required. I would sell my Borg 45ED II afterward, most probably. For full disc solar imaging, I would go back to mosaic, or a simple drift with my renewed Ranger.

The Ranger is always lovely to me, despite it has been sitting idle for quite long, I really wanted to use it again since I always have a special relationship with it. It carries lots of memory as my first real actively used telescope. I can't wait to use it under the sunny sky, or the starry sky!

Best of all, this project is always reversible, since there's no intrusive modification.

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