Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Another DIY Project

Summer is coming, and the sun is going to a bad location from inside my home window, solar imaging is getting harder to do. Last year, I use a long platform plate to mount the scope closer to the window so that it can reach farther outsider to catch the sunshine. But it's quite problematic due to the imbalance, and it's also hard to me to push my head out to center the target.

I already want a table top tripod, but it's either hard to buy or it's too expensive (Vixen SXW mount has such a thing) just for a single purpose. A table top tripod is more compact so that you can push it closer to the window, as it's shorter so that sunshine will be always available.

So, how about making one myself? Making a tripod could be hard... So, how about a short pier? I have a LXD55 tripod hub around unused and that could be use for mounting the LXD55 mount head to it, and under this hub, I need something like a pier to set the whole thing on.

I want something which is tall enough to clear the counter weight shaft, but it should be as short as possible otherwise. This tripod should be stable enough for a C5 OTA as well, it should be able to handle the imbalance due north from a GEM.

I have some ideas in mind, time to search for suitable materials.

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