Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Stuff for sales

OEM Canon Eyepiece Extender EC-2, 5" heat absorbing glass:-

Aluminium platform plate, holes for Takahashi and 3/8":-

Tripod hubs for LXD55 or similar, C5 dovetail plate (Vixen GP compatible):-

PST without etalon and the visual back (that PST-BF5 is available separately, please ask), rusted objective, suitable to make a white light solar scope with built-in solar finder:-

52mm red filters, suitable as ERF:-

Meade Prism diagonal 1.25":-

Kenko 2x (SOLD):-

Meade DSX mount without autostar, this is the model which comes with a battery to store time so that you won't need to enter everytime. (SOLD)

77mm red filter, again suitable as ERF (SOLD):-

Konica Minolta Z3/Z5 adapter tube, 52mm -> 43mm ring, 43mm eyepiece clamp:-

If you're interested, contact me.

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