Sunday, January 11, 2009

20091011 Sun

AR1010 is still fine, but that smaller active region is nearly totally disappeared. Seeing 3/10, transparency 7/10.

Borg 45ED II, Solarmax 40 with BF10, DMK 31AF03 for the first two shots, Tele Vue 2x barlows added for the close up.

1515 (GMT+8), full disc:-

1516 (GMT+8), full disc with exposure pushed to better show the prominences:-

1517 (GMT+8), with 2x barlows, AR1010 closeup:-

1519 (GMT+8), with 2x barlows:-

1520 (GMT+8), with 2x barlows:-

C5 + Cheapy-ERF + PST etalon + BF10 for the rest of the close up shots:-

1526 (GMT+8), more aperture shows more detail:-

1527 (GMT+8):-

1531 (GMT+8), AR1010:-

1532 (GMT+8), another shot of AR1010:-

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