Wednesday, January 07, 2009

20090107 Sun

We got a new active region (AR1010)! Yes, it's terribly small, but it's a good sign! Seeing 5/10, transparency dropped to 5/10.

First four are taken with my Borg 45ED/SM40/BF10 setup.

1443 (GMT+8):-

1444 (GMT+8):-

1448 (GMT+8), 3x barlows:-

1450 (GMT+8), 3x barlows, AR1010 is here:-

I spend sometime to watch with a 13mm Nagler, but since the sun was so silent, I saw virtually nothing except that prominence. Then, I treated myself with some binoviewing time using two 20mm Tele Vue Plossl, hey man... Binoviewing is magical in terms of H-alpha observation, every little detail came out so nicely! Encouraged by the view, I pulled out my C5/Cheapy-ERF setup out for a closer snapshot!

1501 (GMT+8):-

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