Friday, January 02, 2009

Overnight monitoring

The Quadrantid meteor shower might peak tomorrow morning, so I've setup my simple gear from inside my home:

Tripod: Gitzo G106 without tracking
Mount: Manfrotto 410 head with a combination of plates and another ball head
Camera: DMK 21AU04.AS
Lens: Computar 2.3-6mm f/1.2 wide open
Exposure: 1s each frame, pushed to 2.4s after 28 minutes, from 20090102-2300 (GMT+8) to 20090103-0600 (GMT+8).

Moving cloud (big pieces, also some more small closely packed pieces with narrow gaps), transparency like 6/10, seeing rather poor.

I guess I shall try higher power with smaller field under this kind of environment.

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