Tuesday, January 20, 2009

20090120 Sun (Cloudy)

White light first, and then H-alpha with reducer to test the image scale. Cloudy, featureless essentially. Seeing 2/10, transparency 1/10.

1357 (GMT+8), taken with my Borg 45ED II, APM Herschel wedge and BW ND3, cloud was moving but was averaged out by stacking:-

Next is a video clip which shows the sky condition, notice that the first part of the video is in white light, i.e. the same setup as above, and the second part is in H-alpha. As you can see, white light is much more affected by seeing than H-alpha. Prominences can be seen from the H-alpha despite it's cloudy by overexposure.

Finally is another video clip which is taken in H-alpha, a 0.5x binoviewer corrector is attached to the BF10 and it makes the solar disc small enough for my DMK 21AU04.AS. As you can see, surface detail can be seen when cloud is of "suitable" thickness and exposure.

This setup should be easier for out-door imaging due to the USB interface is simpler to use and setup in the field.

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