Friday, January 30, 2009

Equipment Check List

I'm going camping tonight with friends, and so I'm writing these check lists to make sure that I've sufficient and working setups.

TG-SP II based imaging setup:-

1. TG-SP II main body
2. V shape bracket (wedge)
3. Gitzo G106
4. Hand controller
5. Power supply (SLA or AA battery pack) + power cable
6. Counter weight plus shaft
7. Compass for rough idea about north
8. Munting plate

1. Camera body
2. One more battery
3. Timer release with two AAA batteries
4. Various lenses

1. Borg 45ED II
2. JMI focusing controller
3. Diagonal
4. Meade reticle

LXD55 based visual setup:-

1. LXD55 mount
2. Gitzo G1415
3. Counter weight plus shaft
4. Power supply (SLA) + power cable
5. Autostar

1. C5 with diagonal
2. Various eyepieces
3. Rigel Quick Finder

But where are my camping stuff?

1. Sleeping bag
2. Mattress
3. Bowl + Cup + Fork
4. Food.... and I'm sure I will miss something out...


Added at 15:15, the above setup is proven to be too bulky, now the G106/TG-SP II will be left at home, the LXD55 will also serve as the imaging platform after visual observations.

My camping stuff is "enriched" with:

5. Water bottle
6. Clothing
7. Towel!
8. Sugar free chewing gum
9. Toothpick

And I found that I missed the counter weight shaft of the LXD55!

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