Wednesday, June 11, 2008

20080611 Moon

The sky is not very clear, it's a bit hazy but acceptable.

Mount: Meade LXD55
Camera: Canon 450D at ISO 100
Exposure: Auto-focus, auto-exposure (spot metering)
Lens: Canon 200 f2.8L + Kenko 2x Teleplus

This is to test the sharpness of this lens, however, the hazy sky is the limit. There's still rooms for improvement.

First one is saved in JPG(M), so it's smaller in size, single shot, crop and processed:-

Next one is saved in JPG(L), again single shot, crop and processed. I found that JPEG nearly cannot stand any processing, noise will simply jump out. I'll need to learn how to play with RAW asap:-

The next two shots were taken with slightly longer exposure, to show the hazy sky:-

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