Monday, June 09, 2008

20080609 Sun (and Moon)

Cloudy basically, but there's some very clear gaps. They are not very big, but enough for snapshots. This is taken hand-held when I took my kids to play outside:

Camera: Canon 450D
Lens: Canon 200mm f/2.8 with Kenko 2x
Filter: Thousand Oaks Type 2+ (also a Kenko UV)

1125 (GMT+8):-

I didn't use the highest solution setting, so the solar disc image is smaller.

I believe that by removing the (protective) Kenko filter, and by using a tripod and the image can improve a bit... also seems like my Thousand Oaks have some pin-holes, that they are numerous enough to a degree that it might affect contrast.

Additional one at around 17:00 (GMT+8):-

Got chance to shoot again, this time was done indoor via the extended dovetail and the binoculars L adapter to put the Borg 45ED II all the way outside the window, transparency was no good, with a misty layer on the upper atmosphere, I would rate it 3-4/10 at best and there was so much cloud floating around. Seeing was like 2-3/10, better than none.

The solar disc was again quiet, with a small filament, plus a few small prominences.

Camera: DMK 31AF03
Telescope: Borg 45ED II
Filter: Coronado Solarmax 40 + BF10

1618 (GMT+8):-

1619 (GMT+8), cloud was averaged out by stacking, so the detail is not sharp at all:-

BTW, I did make Jelly with Alby, and then make Almy to sleep, and then helped Alby to have her writing exercise while waiting for the cloud break! Not bad, right?

Later I went to another playground with my kids again and I saw the moon, this time, taken hand-held with a 200mm f/2.8 Canon 450D at prime focus, four frames stacked:

Auto-focus, auto-exposure, this fast lens is really nice! Nothing bad even when compared with a telescope.

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