Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Automating the Total Solar Eclipse Setup

After listening to the talk by the Hong Kong Astronomical Society of Hong Kong, as well as the comment from Cloudynights solar forum, I believe that I shall concentrate all of my time for visual observation. For most of the part, I shall be using my Canon 10x30 IS, and then to use the Borg 45ED II for higher power visual observation. For the Borg 45ED II, I plan to use a 2x barlows with the 13mm Nagler, that means it will give 50x with more than 1.6 degrees field of view. It will be easy enough for tracking, but then still gives like 1mm exit pupil.

For that matter, I shall automate the Canon 450D + Canon 200mm f2.8L + 2x Kenko side. I shall explore more of the EOS Utility, and I guess it's great enough to use exposure bracketing to capture a variety of exposures.

And in case anything went wrong, I shall not fix anything but to look with my eyes alone!!!

Thanks for all the advice, yes, I believe visual observation is the king. If I were to look at photographs, I don't have to travel.

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