Monday, June 23, 2008

Notes after the total eclipse talk

I've attended the talk organized by the Hong Kong Astronomical Society yesterday afternoon. I asked myself whether I should be late for this one since I really wanted to capture a few solar shots before going, but finally I did go there on time.

Here are some notes that I shall take notice:-

1. We should go for the "red channel" for custom, prepare a list of items to be declared, don't risk going through "green channel"

2. I shall still bring my Solarmax, in the hope to capture the first contact with prominences, and as a preview of totality, where to look at those prominences

3. The Borg will be used for high power observation during totality, I shall remove the Solarmax and re-focus at least 10 minutes before the totality

4. I shall buy a small folding chair again

5. Give up the C mount lenses exercise

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