Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Total lunar eclipse

The weather seems bad at least up to this moment. Funny is that, Hong Kong Observatory (weather centric) has already moved tonight's total lunar eclipse to the page of "lunar eclipse of the past", somehow showing that it's already a past thing, not to be observable tonight at all. :-)

With me, I just got my 12x zoom DC. I didn't bring any scope or mount for the chance to see it would be very small, added to the fact that I'll be having class tonight, I only got a very short time window to observe it before going to the class, and I will be engaged in the class for most of the time, maybe I can take a shot if the weather permits during the break?

Anyway, no high hope indeed.


Additional remarks on 29th morning:-

I didn't see the moon at all last night. Before the class, we have some cloud gaps around but not to the direction of the moon. During the break, it's fully covered and then it even started to rain after the class.

Some local folks managed to capture a few shots during the partial phrase with very narrow cloud gap, so Hong Kong is not really blessed in terms of astronomical observation.

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