Saturday, August 18, 2007

20070818 Monster size prominences!

And a lot of bird too, the typhoon from Taiwan is bringing a foggy day for Hong Kong, transparency is like 1/10, the sky is all white but you can still see some deep yellow sun light when the cloud is thinner. Seeing 2-3/10, typical. Don't now why there're so many birds flying around today, maybe due to the far away typhoon?

Let's see the birds first:

first one:-

second one, keep looking at the 4-5 O'Clock location:-

Now, back to the sun, SM40/BF10, Borg 45ED II, DMK 31AF03 at prime focus:-

1446 (GMT+8):-

1457 (GMT+8):-

1458 (GMT+8), colorized:-

Now, the monster prominence, taken with the same setup as above, but with 3x barlows:-

1501 (GMT+8), 1/15s at 15 fps, highest gain without overexposure:-

1504 (GMT+8), slightly lower gain when compared as above:-

1507 (GMT+8), 1/8s exposure, 7.5 fps to allow lower gain at the expense of fewer frames to choose/stack:-

1512 (GMT+8), 1/8s exposure like above:-

1513 (GMT+8):-

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