Monday, August 06, 2007

Equipments lineup for the coming camp

It's a 2-day camp for the youngsters in the church, we will be around in southern Lantau Island which is pretty dark in Hong Kong. The moon shows partial phase and will set soon after sunset. Jupiter will be sinking rather early.

Since visual observation will dominate, I suppose I shall use my C5 for the deepest possible sight. It's also not bad for wide field scanning with a 40mm Pentax XL, even there's a bit vignetting, but the field size is still like 2 degree.

For the mount, if I take my TG-SP II, it would provide chance for me to take images if I also take my DBK/DMK + Sony Vaio but there will be no GOTO. If I take my DSX mount, there will be GOTO but there will be no imaging. I believe early night would be spent with them for visual observation, so GOTO would be nice.

I suppose that I shall not leave the kids alone to take images myself, so I'd rather take the DSX, time to test if the DSX can support the C5 for higher power. And how long the battery would last.

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