Friday, August 03, 2007

20070803 Jupiter by Tele Vue Ranger

My Ranger has a special relationship with me, it's my second scope but it's actually my real first scope, I mean it's the scope which I really use, and really got me involed in this hobby.

Tonight my daughter has been slow in playing piano so that I couldn't start imaging before the Jupiter sinked too low. But I told myself, why not try my Ranger with my new DBK? So, here is this session.

Tele Vue Ranger with extension tube instead of the diagional which otherwise required for reaching focus, Tele Vue 5x Powermate, first shot without UV/IR block, second shot with, manual white balance... auto white balance couldn't be used for the chromatic abberation really confused its algorithm!

2244 (GMT+8), without UV/IR block:-

2249 (GMT+8), with UV/IR block:-

The result is quite similar, originally, I think the UV/IR block can help to reduce the purple halo probably also due to UV/IR other than only chromatic abberation, but I found it's not very much so.

Finally, I took away the camera and have a look through the eyepiece. The 20mm Japanese Widescan Type III render nice image with the 5x Powermate, my eye is more forgiving for the CA than the camera. I then switched to use a 7mm Japanese Ortho without the Powermate, the image is nice, too. However, for unkown reason, I preferred the 20mm + 5x view a bit more.

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