Thursday, August 30, 2007

20070830 Vesta and Jupiter Conjunction

Magnitude of Vesta ~= 7.2

Angular Seperation ~= 0.373 degrees (at 17.2 GMT, Jupiter already set, so expect wider seperation)

Simulation by KStars at 2030 (GMT+8)

Borg 45ED II with reducer should be able to keep both in the same field of view with my DBK, however, the compsition might not be optimal, the Cosmicar 150mm f/3.2 might be better, and I think I will need some trial and errors.

Let's see.


I could see Jupiter while going home, but after I setup my gears, I couldn't see Jupiter except on the monitor if I pushed the exposure very highly, no Vesta could be detected. So, I waited.

Cloud cleared up at around 2130 (GMT+8), observation is done with a Cosmicar 150mm f/3.2 C mount lens, gain is 463, exposure is 5.761s, 18 frames, 2134 (GMT+8):-

Then added a 1.4x teleconvertor, zero gain, exposure is 4s to minimize overexposure of the Jupiter, 18 frames, 2138 (GMT+8):-

13.749s exposure, 0 gain, only got 8 frames before cloud rolled in.

2140 (GMT+8):-

Fun, I would say. Finally, a simulation from KStars at 2136 (GMT+8), the ugly yellow mark is roughly the same as the size of the overexposed Jupiter disc:-

The Cosmicar lens and the DBK camera:-

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