Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Partial lunar eclipse on 20150404

I am not trying to join the debate to see if it's a real total lunar eclipse or was it partial.  I'm impartial since I missed the moment of "totality" anyway.

I was away from my home city and I was observing in a remote rural area where there's a small but close enough hill to block all my view during the best moments.

This is what I got when I left that place before going into my hotel room:

I have a friend around who's a novice photographer, I borrowed her my lens and she was amazed to be able to take image of the partially eclipsed moon!

On the same night, I observed Jupiter with my Canon 100-400mm plus a 20mm eyepiece and a 2x barlows lens working at 3x as a relay lens so that I could use a star diagonal.

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