Monday, April 13, 2015

Camera lenses

First up is a Canon 24-105mm f/4L, this is a very decent lens for daily purpose. I had been considering the 24-70mm f4L before, but given up since I prefer longer focal length than the macro capability. For macro, we really want a separate lens.

While the above is a general purpose, this is a special purpose lens.  It is a 8mm f3.5 fisheye, good for selfie and extremely wide field imaging.  Good for star field as well, and in that case, I usually stop it down to f5.6.  This is a fully manual lens, and the infinity marking is rather accurate.

This is my all time favorite.  I had sold one before but I soon got another one back.  This is good for general photography, birding and it could be used as a portable telescope, too!  I use it for butterfly imaging, feels like a poor man's macro lens.

This is the newer STM kit lens.  I love it indeed!  The old non-STM version was way worse, this model comes with a decent focus ring, and the image quality is noticeably higher.  If I were not longing for the wider range of the 24-105mm, I would use this one all the time!  The focusing motor is nearly as fast as USM, but it's total silent for movie recording.

This is not exactly a lens but a 2x tele-extender.  I would use it for really close up with the 100-400mm above.  We will still have autofocus with Live-View mode.  This is originally bought to be used with my 200mm f2.8L, for my total solar eclipse trip.

A poor man's prime lens 50mm f1.8, it is very high quality actually.  I never wanted a 50mm f1.4 indeed.  When stopped down to f2.8, it is great for astrophotography, too!

This is my astrophotographic lens, it's good for indoor imaging events as well.

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