Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Selling my GOTO Mark-X

It's a very great mount, high capacity, compact, precise, and the most important thing is that, it's a working piece of history, a collector's item.

But still, I'm moving to lighter weight stuff.  So here we go, if you're lucky enough to see this, feel free to make an offer to me.  I have a reserve price in mind, but why not just offer and ask?

Here is a few pictures of the mount.  First of all, the controller and the motor is not original, but from Carton which is the OEM of the discontinued Tele Vue System Mount.  The speed of the motor could be fine tuned by turning a small knob inside the hand paddle.  It supports both northern and southern operation, and it has stop and 2x mode.

On the back of the paddle, there is a detachable battery pack of two 18650 Lithium batteries.   A set of two will last for many observation sessions.  The battery pack could be attached to the back of the hand paddle neatly as shown.

So, it could be removed any time.

The black motor mounted on the Mark-X.

A U-adapter was mounted securely on the Mark-X, with one side with a worm geared driven DEC slow motion control block and GP style dovetail saddle, the other side was a 3/8" screw which allows attachment of a ball head, I will throw in a good ball head if the offer is good enough.

Another view of the mount, the mount body is very new indeed.

Finally, everything could be packed in a small padded camera bag which is included in this deal.

Thank you for looking, and waiting for any reasonable offer.  If there is no offer within a week or so, I will put it on local astronomy forums.

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