Sunday, August 17, 2014

Windows repairing

I finally got my home windows fixed yesterday.

How does it relate to astronomy?

Since I took most of my astronomical images from inside home.  Solar imaging, lunar and planets and that's why the windows are so important, if I couldn't open them wide enough, I even couldn't point my telescopes to those targets.

I will hopefully resume production soon.  Now given my Nexstar SE mount which can sit low in my window platform, I could even aim higher from inside window. 

Solar imaging is ready with my new H-alpha filter set but then I will probably need to handle the balance issue.  A motorized focuser will probably help in shifting the center of gravity back to the rear side, in addition to the ease of imaging. 

I can also retire my Mark-X for indoor purpose due to its bulkiness, no more need to use that DIY dec motor.

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