Monday, August 25, 2014

20140825 Sun

The sky is pretty decent today, excellent transparency at 8/10, seeing rather good at 6-7/10.  I got plenty of sunshine from inside my home, with my Nexstar SE mount plus the newly repaired windows, I have far more time to observe now!

First up is an image taken at prime focus, I'm going to make a simple reducer to get a full disc at one shot, taken at 1516 (GMT+8):-

The hedgerow prominence on the 8 O'clock position is an eye catcher definitely, so here we go with a 5x powermate, taken at 1519 (GMT+8):-
Keeping at 5x, here's the other side with a semi-detached prominence, taken at 1522 (GMT+8):-

AR2149 at 1523 (GMT+8):-

AR2150 and 2151 at 1525 (GMT+8):-

AR2146 at 1527 (GMT+8):-

Going back at 2x for wider field of view, first up is a combination of AR 2149, 2150, 2151 taken at 1531 (GMT+8):-

And then finally, the area around AR2148 taken at 1533 (GMT+8):-

I really love those filaments....

I'm still not very competent on tuning the T-max and RichView combination, still exploring and I expect more.

It has been quite long ago for me to take so many H-alpha images in one session, very enjoyable.

I'm going to use this setup a lot hopefully:

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