Monday, August 18, 2014

20140818 Sun (resuming solar imaging!)

This could be considered as the official day which I resume solar imaging at home!

Previously even after I got my new filter set, I didn't get a proper mount, and my window couldn't be open widely... but these were solved.  The focuser is good after regreasing but a motorized focuser would be better.   Balancing is not a huge issue when the scope was pointing directly up!

I was trapped first my the internal reflection of the sun which results in an ugly image but by slewing around, I found a much brighter sun which is the real image.

Transparency 5-8/10, seeing 3-4/10.  Rather windy since the scope was shaking during moments with stronger wind.

Prime focus, taken at 1308 (GMT+8):-

I was not familiar with the new RichView plus T-max tuning, need some more time to train myself up...

5x, taken at 1324 (GMT+8):-

I also watched using my 20mm eyepiece at prime focus and with 5x Powermate, confirmed that the sky is foggy (thin cloud) without good seeing too!

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