Monday, June 15, 2009

Upgrading my PC: DMK camera flickering problem

I use my PC for image capturing since I usually do solar imaging in an indoor environment. Most new motherboard has no Firewire and few PCI slots. For my last PC, I got 5 PCI slots and I found that if my Firewire card is installed in certain PCI slot, I will have some "flickers" during image capturing. Luckily, there're one or two slots which will not suffer from this problem.

Yes, I'm upgrading my PC, and there're only two PCI slots. When I plugged in my Firewire card, that "flickering" problem appears again! Hey, I tried to put it in another slot, yes, the flickering problem is reducing, but it's still there... So, what could I do? I only got two slots!!!

I upgraded the driver as well as IC Capture to a downloaded version, and fortunately, it works now. If you suffer from similar situation with your DMK, try it out. And I hope it will work for you, too.

Now, IC Capture will go up to 30 fps in any setting, previously, I cannot resized the capturing screen, I have to keep it 1:1 or else it won't get up to 30 fps. Software ROI, if not small enough, will not give me 30 fps. Luckily, I was able to get 30 fps without ROI. Cropping eats up little CPU but that's enough to bring down the frame rate throughput. Registax runs much faster now and I can still do other stuff since I've more than one CPU core.

Don't get me wrong, I am not interested in upgrading, but I'm forced to do so since my AGP display card failed and it's hard to find a new replacement these days.

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