Thursday, June 11, 2009

DIY Notes: Screw Specifications and others

These are notes for myself for the coming (or potential) DIY projects:-

1. Big 12V 5 RPM Geared Motor

- computer back panel screws will work
- 6mm shaft (~1/4")

2. Small 6V 10 RPM Geared Motor

- M1.5 will work
- 3mm shaft (~1/8")

3. TG-SP II enagement knob

- M6, so lower profile screws should reduce or even remove the "dead" position

- The 1/4" base can be removed very easily and thus, it could be replaced rather easily, one may make a base with 3/8" screws so that the attachment could be stronger, or one may even extend it sideway to make room for a polar scope, etc.

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