Thursday, June 18, 2009

DIY motor controller box finished

This is a handkerchief box of my elder daughter, she graduated from the kindergarten and we had four or five or them at home, it seems perfect as a project box.

I have installed four buttons on the bottom, two 3.5mm mono socket for DC motor control as well a DC input socket to provide power to the motors. My circuit requires at least 6V to work, and it can support up to 26V, the speed of the motors could be controller by adjusting the input voltage.

The 3.5mm socket on the side is controlled by the two "horizontal" buttons, and the 3.5mm socket on the top is controlled by the two "vertical" buttons", a DC input socket is placed on the top as well.

Openning the box will show all the "grass" inside, you can see that I ain't really skillful in terms of soldering.

Anyway, it works. I have tried this control with a JMI focusing motor and it works without any problem. As soon as the DC motor is mounted on the TG-SP II, this controller box can then be used for motorized guiding operations.

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