Wednesday, June 17, 2009

20090617 Sun

It has been pretty long last time I took any images. It is clear today and there're some solar activities today, not bad indeed. I've upgraded my PC and that's the first time I really use it for image capturing as well as image processing. It's an entirely new world altogether, I can reduce the image size during capturing, I can listen to MP3, and whatever during image capturing and there's no drop in performance, I got 30 fps with whatever setting... and I can get 15 fps without the need to set 15 fps when I drop below 1/30s exposure. Registax is even better... I used to have a habbit that I will start registax before I tear down the equipments and I did it as usual, but before I managed to pack up all the stuff, the processing was finished!

Okay, back to the images. Seeing like 3-4/10, transparency 7-8/10 after extensive raining.

First two were taken with my Ranger, 0.5x corrector in the nosepiece of BF10 as usual.

1508 (GMT+8):-

1509 (GMT+8):-

With 5x Powermate, 1514 (GMT+8), high gain:-

With 5x Powermate, 1516 (GMT+8), exposure extended to 1/15s, high gain:-

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