Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Upgrading with minimal amount of money?

Suddenly, I want a Borg 101ED again. But I don't want to spend much to buy a new scope, what should I do?

To put it simple, by selling and buying, i.e. re-organizations.

First of all, my Borg 45ED II is not a must-have for me, however, I truely love its motorized focuser for solar imaging, the new setup should do its current job. For motorized focusing, the NGF-S should be able to adapt to the Borg 101ED without much problem. Therefore, the only issue is that, if a strong focal reducer could make the Borg 101ED focus and at the same time, allow the solar disc to fit into the field of view of my DMK 31AF03? Frankly, it's not very likely possible without shortening the tube. However, a shortened tube could be nice for binoviewing, so it might worth the effort?

Secondly, my C5 could be replaced by the Borg 101ED, and better yet, it allows wider field of view for visual observation. Finally, the Borg is lighter as well so that I can sell my LXD55 which is not required any more.

Shall I execute this plan? I think the answer is probably yes. However, shall I execute this plan now? The answer is probably no, since I could always wait for a good second hand deal to come up first.

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